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A Technology Partner for the Future

In this digital era, where technology is the order of the day, we are all looking for partners that will be ready to accompany us for the longest time possible.  Every technology partner should be able to accompany businesses through their business goals and ambitions. They should be able to guide businesses on how best to align technology to their business objectives.

O'Prime was established on the principles of sustainable partnerships. We are building our company by creating strategic win-win partnerships with our clients. By providing them the best solutions over the longest duration possible and enabling them to grow allows us to grow as well.

Continuously Delivering Innovative Business Solutions.

We Leverage agile frameworks to provide innovative solutions that align with business strategy. 

We foster collaborative thinking to further the overall value proposition of our services. We provide a holistic view of disruptive innovation by empowering our team.

O'Prime leads in the research and delivery of innovative solutions for SMEs. Constantly challenging the status quo by providing more adaptive and cost-effective solutions for businesses of every industry.

Providing  Innovative and Effective Business Management  Technology Solutions.

We pride ourselves on the technologies we develop and provide to our clients. Our solutions stem from deep analytical thinking and an understanding of business objectives. As we seek to make technology an enabler of business objectives, we always put the client at the center of all our projects. We lay much our emphasis on; 

Strategy & Planning

Properly strategizing and planning our projects provides a guide that leads to better results for our clients. 

Client Satisfaction

Yes, the client is still the king here. So providing solutions that will meet business objectives is a priority.

Our Dedicated Team

Our amazing leadership team, making client project come to life

Emmanuel Ndukong

Founder / C.E.O

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to enable business growth through competitive digital solutions that will give SMEs a boost in efficiency and management. We will continually develop cost-effective and highly adaptive solutions for businesses in any industry.


Business Solutions


Satisfied Clients


Engaged Team 

Systems Engineering

Software Engineering, Systems modeling, Integrations and Customizations

Systems Security

Web application security, risk assessment, and mitigation, best policies, and training.

Cloud Computing

Infrastructure, platform, and software as a service. Google Cloud, amazon web services, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean

ERP Implementation

Accounting, Human resource, Payroll, Sales, Purchase, Customer relationship management, marketing automation

Data & Analytics

Data modeling, database administration, business intelligence, and big data.

Digital Marketing

Marketing automation, Chatbots, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, community management.

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